Sunday, March 21, 2010

Introducing “Mr. Independent”: Robert Allen Mansfield

My Fellow Americans (and Pennsylvanians),

First, it was the elections of Republicans Bob McDonnell as Virginia governor and Chris Christie as New Jersey governor.  Then, it was the election of Republican Scott Brown as the successor to Ted Kennedy for the Senate seat in Massachusetts.  And, now, at least if it were up to me, it will be the election of Robert Allen Mansfield (photo: right) as governor of the state of Pennsylvania.

mansfieldAs I sit here and watch the health care coverage on Fox News, I can’t help but wish we had leaders who were more in tune with the American people.  If the Founding Fathers saw America today, I firmly believe they would not recognize it.  They did not foresee an America with out-of-control government spending.  They did not foresee an America with Big Government.  They did not foresee an America whose leaders infringed upon the people’s liberties.

Between the Tea Party movement and the 9/12ers, we know the people are tired of “more of the same.”  That is why it is so important for the good people of Pennsylvania to realize the opportunity before them in November 2010.

What is that opportunity you ask?  It is the opportunity to elect a man that understands what America is going through and can help right the ship in the great state of Pennsylvania.

That man is Robert Allen Mansfield.

As his campaign website explains, “Robert Allen Mansfield was born on January 28th, 1971 in Philadelphia to a heroin addict mother who put him up for adoption.  He spent his first two years in foster care before being adopted by the Mansfield family.”  If you read further, you begin to see how this foster child grew to love public speaking at a very young age – so much so that he was nicknamed “The Politician.” 

From there you see the picture of this young man, with seemingly everything going against him at first, become an entrepreneur and join the Army National Guard.  But, Robert didn’t just join the National Guard, he volunteered to go to Iraq.  That’s right – he volunteered.

Robert Allen Mansfield is a true American.  Like George Washington, he is qualified to lead others because he served this country at wartime.

Mr. Mansfield gets it.  He understands the people of America and the people of Pennsylvania.

Just browse through his campaign website and you will see for yourself.  Tell me Pennsylvania, would you not vote for a guy who would eliminate the state’s progressive tax system?  What about a candidate who would “[phase out all] corporate and personal income taxes over the next 6 years…”?

As governor, Mansfield would “reduce every department and state agency budget by a minimum of 2% per year,” including legislative staff.

Mansfield is Pro-Life and a Second Amendment supporter.  He is an advocate of  School Choice and Charter Schools.

PA FLAG And if those reasons alone don’t sway you to vote for Mansfield, maybe this will.  Mansfield believes that Free Market Solutions are the only way for this country and the state of Pennsylvania to get back on track.  As his website states: “The individual has pulled this country out of the breech before. In order to allow this to happen, government has to step out of the way and let them thrive.”  Let it be known that Robert Allen Mansfield is a man who knows what “We The People” are capable of.

However, and what clinched it for me with Mansfield, was his message to all young males in the state of PA: “Pull up your pants and wear a belt properly!”  You can’t go wrong voting for a man like that.  If you didn’t realize it before, you should know now that Robert is a true conservative.

I’m currently reading a book by 2008 Libertarian Vice Presidential nominee, Wayne Allyn Root, called The Conscience of a Libertarian: Empowering the Citizen Revolution with God, Guns, Gambling, & Tax Cuts and I wanted to share a quote with you from the book that I think captures the essence of what Mansfield stands for.  On page 95, Root writes:

The only way to make a change from Big Brother and bigger government to more power for the people, is to elect anti-establishment, anti-status quo, anti-politicians from outside the Beltway.  We need to elect politicians who understand that the best government is that which governs least.  It is time to elect politicians who will downsize and dismantle government---the politicians who are not afraid of limiting their own power and influence.  It is time for a political Hippocratic Oath: Above all else, do no harm.

Robert Allen Mansfield is anti-establishment.  Robert Allen Mansfield is anti-status quo.  Robert Allen Mansfield is an anti-politician.  He is the type of candidate Root describes so perfectly – it’s almost as if Root was writing about Mansfield.  He is the only candidate in the Pennsylvania gubernatorial race who can truly be considered from “outside the Beltway.”

And as I’m writing this now, I realize that Robert does have his own version of Root’s political Hippocratic Oath.  As Robert puts it: “If I cannot help you, I will not hurt you.”

Is it just me, or is that the type of governor we need in Pennsylvania?  Citizens of PA – do the right thing and support this great man.

Robert Allen Mansfield for Pennsylvania governor in 2010!

- The Refounding Father

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  1. There has never been a candidate that I admire more than Robert Allen Mansfield. Not only is his story amazing and courageous he has what it takes to make a great Governor for the people of Pennsylvania. He is not a career politican. He wont give the people more of the same. His opponents seem to think that if you are for raising taxes one day and then against raising taxes the next day that that is acceptable. It is not acceptable as we need someone in office who says what they mean and means what they say and that is what you will get with Robert Allen Mansfield. It is to bad we couldnt clone Mr. Mansfield and have him run in all 50 states. God Bless you Mr. Mansfield as you sure have my vote in Novemeber.