Friday, January 8, 2010

My Encounter With A Liberal: Part 2.5

My Fellow Americans,

Our liberal, Jeannie, struck again today.  Not to worry, though, The Refounding Father is on the case.

Herrrrrre's Jeannie:


Too bad your not brave or genuine enough to publish your real name...sooo TRF will have to do. I had two great fathers in my lifetime and they are the only ones deserving of that address from me.

#1 Why are you addressing President Obama as messiah? I detect racism here...spit it out man, you are still freaked that the 'good ole white boy' didn't win...and

where is this famous tea bagging patriotism? does it only exist if you win?

I wasn't really asking for your money yesterday T, I just wanted to point to the glaring fact that when the individual needs help in this society it's called a hand out and they are somehow morally defunct! Yet when Wall Street or big business needs help, that's called a bail-out a loan, or something absolutely necessary. Not what it truly is CORPORATE WELFARE!

Why don't they lower their bottom line or bring back a fraction of that sheltered money from the Caymans if they are so moral?

your third point can be answered by one word..lobbyists! but we will win my fellow pixel:)

The Obama Administration is a long time coming for this world and I for one will give them all the praise and encouragement needed...the economy is recovering.

The greatest thing about green jobs is that they can't be shipped over-seas...oh no! No more slave wages and huge profits for the faceless shareholders....

I LOLRONF at the use of the word socialism...yes T just like Canada...

I like French-Roast coffee myself.


I actually agreed with some of her points this time around.  However, she still seems pretty misguided.  Take a look.

The Refounding Father's Response:


My name is Taylor Brown. Nice to meet you. I go by The Refounding Father because it's the title of my blog. I invite you to come by.

1. How is calling Obama the "Messiah" racist? There we go again with the racism claim. I didn't give him that nickname.

2. As I said before, I'm not a Republican. I believe they are just as guilty for the mess we are in as the Dems. Am I freaked out that a black man is the President of the United States? No. It's just I think people who voted for him are beginning to realize he isn't what they thought they were getting.

3. Honestly, I would've preferred Ron Paul over John McCain. McCain and Obama were very similar on many fronts. Health care and the economy to name two subjects, if I recall correctly. I liked Paul, although I knew he wouldn't get enough votes, because of his fiscal conservatism. (The Fed does need an audit done on it. In light of their role in this financial crisis, wouldn't you agree?)

4. I don't know why you think I'm against you here, but I'm not. If corporations are getting bailed out, I agree that taxpayers should too. However, I'm not a fan of bailouts at any level. People need to be allowed to fail. That's the only way you can achieve true success. It's about eliminating dependency and picking yourself up off the ground despite unfortunate circumstances. It's the true American way.

5. What about lobbyists? I'm not a big fan of them either.

6. Green jobs are a myth. You want companies to stop shipping jobs overseas? LOWER TAXES! DE-REGULATE!

7. You're correct, not all companies are moral. There is a lot of greed out there. A lot of it is on Wall Street. But, it's also the government's fault. Who do you think forced banks to give out loans to people who couldn't pay? When you package up a bunch of bad mortgages and sell them as bonds...that's not a good idea. While greed is a flaw within capitalism, is it not in socialism and communism? In that case only the government gets to be greedy, but it's still there. Don't throw capitalism under the bus...throw the people that caused it there. You need to remember to distinguish between the greedy who use capitalism and the fundamentals of capitalism. They are mutually exclusive. Not everybody is greedy.

It's very simple, Jeannie. I don't care how long it takes to help you understand this. I will help you see where I'm coming from.

- The Refounding Father (a.k.a. Taylor B.)


We shall see if she comes back with more.  I will keep you posted.

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