Thursday, January 7, 2010

My Encounter With A Liberal

My Fellow Americans,

Today, I bring you my encounter with the opposition.  I have said before I enjoy learning how they think.  The exchange took place on, one of the sites on which I upload my posts.  It worked out well, since I was looking for something to write about for today.  Our liberal, who goes by Jeannie Danna on the site, was responding to my article about John Wanamaker.

This is what she had to say:


I recently wrote that unchecked capitalism has produced a nation of liars.

This article proves that statement.

The fact the Mr. Wanamaker was a Republican shows just how far you people have wandered from the core principals of this country.

The social programs implemented by our government is what built this country and the middle class to begin with.

The labor unions also strengthened the American home so that workers could earn a living wage. Of course, if your rich you don't worry about trivial concerns like food, shelter, clothing, education and opportunities for your children to improve and enrich their lives.

So you say "Let us keep our money! Don't TAX US! just the little guy "

While you, the owner class, pay little to nothing in taxes, the American worker is taxed dry before even cashing that paycheck.

While you, the owner class, have cadillac insurance plans for your HC, the American worker goes bankrupt after any major medical need for them or theirs!

While you, the owner class, live rich secure and affluent lives, the American workers must hold their hands out to you for CHARITY

Again, you make our rights your burden...

I hope I never live in the country you are claiming to re-found.

PS My father joined the Conservation Core in order to survive. What's the hardest decision you have ever made to live?

Incidentally, the Conservation core built all those Ski lift runs you enjoy. A good by-product for the effort wouldn't you agree?


Now, I always love a good debate.  So, I didn't hesitate in bringing my A-game.

The Refounding Father's Response:


Let's take this point by point.

1. I'd love to read your article that says capitalism has produced a nation of liars. I disagree, but would enjoy the read.

2. Us people? Jeannie, the whole country has wandered away from our core principles. That's why the Tea Party movement is so strong.

3. Social programs have not built our country. That is entirely false. Social programs have destroyed this country -- especially welfare.

Don’t you understand that most of those who count on welfare are handicapped by the system? It’s not that these people are poor or can’t find jobs, it’s that the system has allowed them to be weak. It has crippled them. It has left them with an inability to control their own lives. They are completely dependent on others.

What you fail to realize is that this is by design. The Democrats (and some Republicans) need the poor to rely on them. That way, they can make them empty promises they have no intention of fulfilling -- just to get re-elected.

4. You mean labor unions like SEIU, AFL-CIO, or the ACLU? The SEIU is tied with ACORN -- the organization that wanted to help bring illegal young girls here for prostitution. The SEIU boasts about how many undocumented workers they have in their ranks. Those workers take jobs from unemployed Americans. Shall I go any further? Not all unions are bad, but many are. So, you're wrong there as well.

5. Let's get something straight -- I am not rich. I am not part of your "owner class." I agree that the American worker is taxed to death. But, it isn't the employer's fault -- they give them a job. Blame the government for taxing you to death and using the money to support meaningless programs -- or corrupt labor unions -- or undocumented illegal workers.

Besides, lower taxes would allow companies to offer goods and services at lower prices. Lower taxes would let companies create more jobs. Lower taxes would spark innovation.

Less government intervention would allow the entrepreneurial spirit to thrive in America once again.

Does health care need improvements? Sure. But, don't blame the employer. And don't expect the government to take care of it -- you know the same entity that monitors Social Security, Medicare, the Post Office, Amtrak, etc. Is that what you want? More incompetence?

You mention the cadillac health care plans -- shouldn't you put Senators and Congressmen in there too?

You make the American worker sound pathetic. They are not pathetic. We need less government and more American ingenuity.

You want to talk about rights? Let me remind you what the current health care plan on the table will do to those rights if passed.

Finally, I’m sorry you don’t want to live in the America our founding fathers intended. That’s very sad to me. What’s also sad is how you completely dismiss capitalism -- the reason we are the greatest nation on earth. While, yes, capitalism has its flaws -- no other system has worked. Not socialism. Not communism. Not fascism. Argue all you want -- but it’s the truth.

Read your history -- real history. Not the B.S. they spew in school textbooks. Read the 5,000 Year Leap. Read The Lexus and the Olive Tree. You will understand then where I’m coming from and why your explanations are dead wrong -- and scary.

Make no mistake about it -- I am NOT a Republican. I am a Constitutional Conservative. The GOP has really lost it’s way. Until they come back to their core conservative principles, I will continue to vote for those that hold similar values to me.

You don't want to live in my America? That's fine. But, I'm sick and tired of living in yours. Been there. Done that.

The Refounding of America continues.

- The Refounding Father

PS: Let me say that I'm sorry your father had to live through that. But, FDR's New Deal only prolonged the heartache for Americans during the Great Depression.

If we are not careful, the government could prolong this recession as well. And it could be worse than what your father went through.


I would love to hear your comments about the exchange.  Check back here for updates.  This is always something I enjoy. 

God Bless...

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