Friday, January 8, 2010

My Encounter With A Liberal: Part II

My Fellow Americans,

Like a fly in your ear, liberals just won't go away.  Well, it's time for part II of my encounter with our liberal friend, "Jeannie Danna."  Today, she had her liberal pal, "roger nowosielski" join the conversation.

Jeannie's up first:

#7 TRF,

I said I don't want the country you, rush and all the other tea drinkers want....

point #3 If we did not have a strong American Labor Movement, Rush would not have a mic in front of him he would have a serving tray!

Do you want the middle class to just shrivel up and go away?

You have really reminded me of 43 and how he chirped one day.."Just become an entrepreneur!" In fact TRF, why don't you lend my husband and I enough money to become one of those entrepreneurs since the banks that had their hands out for corporate welfare sure won't!

Why did the economy almost completely collapse before The Obama Administration took over and headed us back in the right direction? Green jobs, jobs, jobs! I See clean wind farms, solar power and the resurrection of the EVONE in Americas future.

The question is why can't you?

The decimation of the Sherman anti-trust laws has aloud capitalism to become this over grown greedy monster that sees nothing but Wall Street and the bottom line...

If American capitalism is so great then why have most of our jobs been shipped to China and I'm hearing now Africa?

I am going to go drink a cup of nice hot coffee right now TRF. sorry, but I will not address you as Father.:)


Well, this just set off Jeannie's liberal buddy.  Here is "roger's" response:

Hi, Jeannie,

Don't let some of these people get you down. They'll never change. That's why I really wish for hard times, much harder than we've experienced thus far, to make them sonsofbitches wake up. Nothing else will make 'em realize that America's "ideals" was a mirage. (I don't want to wait until they all die out like the last remnant.)

Only then can we hope for a brighter tomorrow for all humans, not just the privileged Anglo-Saxon race.


Honestly, why is everything about race with liberals?  Oh yeah, it's because they don't like the truth and have no facts to back up their arguments.  Now, I remember.

The Refounding Father's Response:

Jeannie & Roger,

I'll address you both.

1. Jeannie, I should ask you the same question for the middle class. The "Messiah's" health care plan that is being worked out in the Congress and Senate will severely cripple the middle class through a drastic increase in taxes. I'm a member of the middle class, why would I want them to go away?

2. If had the money to lend you and your husband...believe me I would. I believe in entrepreneurship. Those are the people that will save the country.

3. I'm glad you brought up that green jobs are saving the economy. But, tell me, where are they? Great you see a few solar panels and wind farms...fantastic. But, where are the jobs? The truth is they haven't created any and they haven't "saved" any. Economists don't even have a statistic called "saved jobs." It's made up.

4. How can you say the Obama admin. did anything to "save" the economy? With what? Cash for clunkers? Come on. You're better than that.

5. American capitalism is great. Why can't you see that? What is your alternative that is so much better? Socialism...where people are all handed everything? Then, nobody buys anything because people don't want what the government is producing. That's insane...not to mention it's never worked in the history of the world. And it should not be tried here in the U.S.

6. Go drink your coffee. Don't call me "Father." That's fine. It's just...tea is so much better...don't you think?

7. Roger, wake up my friend. These are hard times. And they'll only get worse if those in power remain there. We need them to wake up too. We need real "change" and not the B.S. promised to people so Obama could win an election.

8. What's with the whole "privileged Anglo-Saxon race" comment? Why does everything have to be about race? There are plenty of people who are not "Anglo-Saxon" who are wealthy and well-off. Chances are, too, that many of them are that way because of their entrepreneurial drive. The same drive and determination that helped grow this country when immigrants came here. The same drive and determination...that will help avoid another Great Depression.

What I find most discouraging in these conversations is that so many people take what made this country great...and spin it. People looking for a better alternative to socialism and communism...came here to be free. They came here to have the freedom to become anything. No, not everybody has an equal shake. But, they all have the chance to pursue what they desire.

Does communism offer that? Does they offer that? The answer is no. And until you construct an [you want] to call it..until you construct an alternate system that is better than capitalism...the fact remains that capitalism is the only way to go. It's not perfect. But, it got us this far. And, like it or not, liberals and Dems must admit...we've done pretty darn well.

- The Refounding Father

PS: See, Jeannie, I told you I don't need you to call me "Father." I'll just call myself it. No problem. :)


It's always fun to argue with idiots.  (Thanks, Glenn!)

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