Monday, December 28, 2009

We The 'Sheeple?'

My Fellow Americans,

Ever heard of Bertrand de Jouvenel?  I didn't think so.

Nevertheless, I bring you a quote from him today that I believe sums up 2009 perfectly: "A society of sheep must in time beget a government of wolves."

De Jouvenel (photo: was a French philosopher, political economist, and futurist.  He was a member of Jacques Doriot's Parti populaire français (PPF), which was pro-Nazi and supported facism (source: Wikipedia).

Obviously, I don't agree with de Jouvenel's political views.  However, I believe you can learn from all different points of view.  Sometimes it's good to get into the minds of the opposition.

Today's quote forces me to ask this: are we a society of sheep?  Do we just blindly follow our leaders off the edge of the cliff?  As long as they tell us they have our best interests at heart -- is that good enough?  Do we believe them?

From what I saw these past two years, I think there's a chance we may be waking up.  While President Messiah was elected with a blaze of glory -- with hope, change, and the promise of a better America -- this country appears to be turning it's back on our "fearless" leader.

But, are we really?  Can you really trust poll numbers that much?  I mean it always seems that the network that conducts these polls is never neutral -- there's always a political bias toward one party or another attached.

So, I ask the question again -- should the Constitution say: "We The Sheeple?"  This is a question I'm really having a tough time answering as I type this (photo:

We seem to buy everything else we're told -- outside of politics.  Whether it's the crap they throw together called "reality TV", the next big movie production, or the latest fashion trend -- we eat up whatever is marketed to us.

Don't we as a society believe we can think for ourselves?  Don't we think we deserve better?

We need leaders that talk with us -- not AT us.  We need to stand up and be heard -- not herded like sheep or cattle.

In 2010, let's go from "Sheeple" to "People" once more.

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