Monday, November 23, 2009

9/11 Terriorists To Explain Why The Hijackers Flew Planes into the WTC & Pentagon

My Fellow Americans,

I want everyone to know this: I DO NOT sugarcoat anything. And I will most certainly not do it here. It's unfair to you.

So, you may ask yourself: why is the title of this post so forward and accusatory? The answer is simple: because these guys did it. They are terrorists. Hell, one of them basically said I did it, so kill me.

But, here they are paraded around New York...not too far from Ground Zero (which of course is where a real memorial should have been built by now...but that's another story for another post for another day). The audacity of Attorney General Eric Holder to allow these men to stand trial on American soil in a NYC civilian courthouse is unconscionable.

Now, these TERRORISTS...I refuse to call them defendants...these terrorists will get the chance they wanted: to spew their toxic and severely misguided propoganda on U.S. soil. And our moronic leaders...allow it. "President" Obama, still "thinking" about what to do over Afghanistan, is too overwhelmed from his perpetual campaign to do anything about anything. It's almost like he could care less about the safety of this country...or is that by design?

The point of my rant here today comes down to one thing. And that is do we really need to be subjected to this as Americans? I mean are New Yorkers not reminded of 9/11 every time they pass Ground Zero? Is the rest of the country not reminded when we take off our shoes, our belts, take our laptops out of the bag and put them in a bin, etc and so forth in the security checkpoints at the airport?

We have remembered each and every day since those morning hours of September 11, 2001.

Is it really fair to be reminded THIS way? To have the masterminds and criminals behind the worst terrorist attack on U.S. soil explain how they did it and celebrate on what basis they did it. It's not fair to us. Any of us.

Let me be very clear: I am not opposed to trying these guys. Far from it. They do deserve to be prosecuted and then killed. I will flip the switch or inject the needle. But, not here. And especially NOT in NYC.

When it comes down it, it's just basic common sense.

(Read more on this story here).

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