Monday, November 30, 2009

Huckabee Commuted 95-Year Sentence of Seattle Cop Slayer

UPDATE: Cop Killer Shot Dead

My Fellow Americans,

Another tragedy has befallen the protectors of our freedom.  This time it involves our men and women in blue.

Here are the headlines from the story:
  • In Seattle, WA early Sunday morning, Maurice Clemmons, 37, gunned down four Seattle police officers in a coffee shop around 8:15 am Pacific time.
  • In 1989, Clemmons, then 17, was convicted in Little Rock for aggravated robbery. He was paroled in 2000 after former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee commuted a 95-year prison sentence.
  • Authorities thought they had surrounded Clemmons in a house in Seattle early Monday morning, but he was not in the home.  He is believed to be wounded and possibly dead.
  • The four officers were with the 100-member police department of Lakewood, which adjoins the unincorporated area of Parkland, where the shootings took place. The city identified the victims as Sgt. Mark Renninger, 39; Ronald Owens, 37; Tina Griswold, 40; and Greg Richards 42.
It really saddens me to think that this could have been prevented.  While I think Huckabee is still a great man and politician, I can't help but scold him on this one.  I understand that Huckabee possibly thought he was rehabilitated.  But, sometimes these animals are in prison for a reason.

As for Clemmons, this just goes to show how sick people are out there.  This guy opened fire at uniformed police officers as they sat down working on their laptops.  What kind of person does that to anyone...let alone cops?

It's simply amazing to me how people like Clemmons constantly get out of prison and go right back to a life of crime.  What's more amazing to me, however, is the fact that our judicial system allows it.  When are our lawyers and judges going to stop playing the corruption game and do what they are supposed to do?

In case they forgot, that is to be the protectors of the Constitution and the rights of decent, hard-working Americans.  Not to mention --- keep people like Maurice Clemmons off the streets.

These waves of crime constantly occur in our inner-city ghettos.  When are we going to put an end to it?  We need to change the culture in these places.  Changing the culture changes the people.

When you read Outliers, you will understand that we really are products of our environment.  Perhaps if the environment Mr. Clemmons found himself in earlier in life was different, maybe we wouldn't be talking about this today.

Since we are though, let's remember the fallen for their service, dedication, and bravery.

Keep the families of the victims in your prayers.  And let's hope this is the last time Clemmons is able to do this again.

May God Bless Us All,

The Refounding Father

(Picture Source: Fox News)

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