Friday, November 27, 2009

Obama Going to Copenhagen (Again) for Climate Talks

My Fellow Americans,

Our "President" is off to Copenhagen...again.  This time it's for the Climate Summit (and he will make a stop in Oslo too to accept his must-deserved Nobel Peace Prize).

In an article from the Associated Press, obtained from, it appears the expectations for the summit have waned:

"While Obama himself tried to tamp down expectations during his eight-day trip to Asia earlier this month, he also called on world leaders to come to an agreement that has "immediate operational effect" and is not just a political declaration.

Administration officials said earlier this week that the U.S. will present a target for reducing carbon dioxide emissions at the summit. The development came as the European Union urged the United States and China to deliver greenhouse gas emissions targets at the summit, saying their delays were hindering global efforts to curb climate change.

The administration has indicated for nearly a year that it would eventually come up with specific targets for quick reductions in pollution that causes global warming, as part of international negotiations. Those targets will soon be made public, officials said."

Now, all of you know how I feel about climate change.  This is just another chance for Obama to campaign.  I mean are we set up for another town hall meeting too?  This is really getting ridiculous. 

What happens if Obama doesn't come to a decision on Afghanistan on Dec. 1 as promised?  This guy has already disappointed many of those who voted for him with not living up to his campaign promises.  How confident are we on his ability to deliver on Dec. 1?  And if he does FINALLY make this decision that's 11-months in the making, will it be effective?

However, I digress.  He is scheduled to go to Denmark on Dec. 9.  My question is this: is this in Obama's job description?  And at a time when we face such issues at home, why does he need to jet-set across the Atlantic again?  We all know this global warming business is an excuse to tax us more.

I just don't think this is appropriate at all.  I hate feeling like our President cares more about these trivial issues like the beer summit, getting the Olympics for his home town Chicago, and now the climate summit.  Where does it end?  Where do the games end?  When do we get the President the citizens of America elected?  Or is this what was voted in all along?

The most appropriate question though: does President Obama realize the campaign is over?

I feel like I'm asking many more questions than I'm getting answers to.  It's really frustrating.  Sorry I had to vent a little, America.  It's really annoying.

How do you feel?

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