Tuesday, November 24, 2009

"So Help Me God" Oath Under Review in Marietta, GA

My Fellow Americans,

Members of the city council in Marietta, GA are deciding whether to change the police force's oath due to the phrase "so help me God." No problems have been reported with any police officer being sworn in under the oath. But, some say it has been a problem during legal proceedings.

Now, I will let you read the article. I don't need to post quotes or segments here. What I really want to do is get your take.

For now, here's mine: I get sick of hearing about this kind of stuff. Sure, the council members may decide to nix the idea, which most people seem to agree they will. However, the shear arrogance and thoughtlessness that goes into such a suggestion is mind-boggling.

When did God become the enemy? When did we stop being a Christian nation? Sure, yes, some of our Founders were not religious. That's fine. But, when did we start wanting to do away with God in our lives and in our country?

When you take God out of it, what do you have left? Nations and people that turn their back on God always seem to be lost. Do we forget that having God as a foundation in our lives gives us strength to go on? Strength to overcome obstacles in our lives?

We don't need less of God. We need more. Look around this world. Just look around your city.

This is very similar to the apartment complex that wanted residents to remove the American flag from their cars and windows.

Where does it end? First, the American flag. The symbol of our nation. Now, God. Our Creator and guiding light.

I just feel like our country is losing it's identity.

We can't get to where we need to be as a nation without remembering where we came from.

You keep fighting, America. Stand up for your beliefs. And have no fear...of anybody.

Now, it's your turn.

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