Friday, November 20, 2009

British Scientists told to "Hide the Decline" of Global Temps

Reports from Fox News and the UK's Telegraph

Eat your heart out, Al Gore!

This really makes me happy. Those opposed to this 'global warming epidemic' finally have some concrete evidence that Al Gore is a liar. We already know he's a hypocrite.

But, now we have credible evidence that debunks the myth of global warming. Not only are global temperatures not increasing; they actually decreased in 2008.

This is all I'm really going to give this subject because this is all it really deserves. Global warming. Global cooling. Who cares? Are we humans that arrogant that we think driving our little cars (or big cars) and spraying a little hairspray matters all that much? We need to focus on things that really matter...not to mention things that we really CAN control.

Find a new 'cause,' Al!

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