Friday, December 4, 2009

Frigid Welcome Expected for Obama in PA

My Fellow Americans,

It's time for our President to do what he does best: campaign!  Obama will be heading off to Lehigh Valley, PA today for the start of a multicity tour of Main Street America.

Here are your highlights from The Wall Street Journal:
  1. Swing voters in Pennsylvania's Lehigh Valley helped Mr. Obama win this pivotal, populous state. But the region's jobless rate inched up another half percentage point in October to 9.8 percent. About 41,000 people are out of work, the highest number since 1984.
  2. Small businesses that power the economy here are starved for credit and laying people off. Stimulus dollars for roads, bridges, schools and social services are mired in Washington and state bureaucracy.
  3. During Mr. Obama's daylong visit, he will hold a town-hall meeting at Lehigh Carbon Community College, visit a local diner and a metalworks plant, and mingle with workers at a dog-food distribution plant.

Now for The Refounding Father's Take: What is Obama going to tell the people of Lehigh Valley, PA?  What is he going to tell the rest of Main Street America?  Will he say that the stimulus package is working?  (Because it's not).  Will he say we need to be more patient?  (We have been patient, but we don't need the government to bail us out).

The Philadelphia Inquirer talked to some Lehigh Valley residents including Michele Cocchiaro, 35, a veterinary assistant married to a lawyer.  Here are some excerpts from that article:

"[Cocchiaro] said that she isn't hurting, but that she knows a lot of people who are unemployed and struggling.

"Nothing's changed," she said. The government doesn't need to spend the rest of the $787 billion stimulus money, "because it's not working."

Instead, the government should give people a tax rebate or create incentives for small businesses to start hiring.

"This money that they're spending isn't stimulating anything," she said.

The Congressional Budget Office would disagree, announcing yesterday that the money had created between 600,000 and 1,600,000 jobs, lowering overall unemployment by 0.3 to 0.9 of a percentage point."

If the stimulus package created over 600,000 jobs, that's great.  But, where are they?  They certainly aren't jobs in Lehigh Valley, PA.  Where are the jobs they speak of?

America, are we dumb?  When politicians speak, do our minds go blank because they are so much smarter than us that we can't comprehend what they are saying?

The stimulus package has done absolutely nothing.  No jobs have been created.  No jobs have been saved.  Economists have never even heard of a 'saved job' because it's not a statistic that exists.  Most of the information reported is bogus.

They are lying to you.  Obama will be lying to the people of Lehigh Valley, PA today.  He will lie to the rest of Main Street America too.

He's embarking on yet another campaign tour -- part of his ongoing perpetual campaign to influence policy and ensure the Democrats stay in power.

Don't be fooled.  Don't be afraid to question your leaders.  If something smells funny, investigate it.  That's they only way you will learn.  Pull back the layers and see what's really going on here.

Don't be afraid to stand up.

(Picture Source: FOX News)

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