Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Dying Man Robbed in Philadelphia Hospital

My Fellow Americans,

Some of the stories I bring you are troubling to say the least.  This one may be one of the worst.  Read the full story here.

The victim: Joaquin Rivera, 63, who died of a heart attack and was robbed (pictured on right).

The lowlifes: Richard Alten, 44, who was arrested in the hospital and is currently in police custody (pictured below), a black woman, and a 30-something, 5-foot-8 black man in dark pants who limped.

People really amaze me.  Earlier this week, it was Maurice Clemmons, the criminal who killed 4 unsuspecting Seattle police officers as they worked on their laptops in a suburban coffee shop.  Today it's the lowlifes I mention above.

How can people steal from a dying man?  How can stealing even be an option when you see somebody lose consciousness?

I just can't fathom somebody being that cruel and just plain EVIL.  It really is very sad.

On top of that, I think I want to add a few more lowlifes to the list above: the hospital staff that forced Mr. Rivera to wait for over an hour for treatment.  The theft aside, how can you just let a guy wait there when he is complaining of pain in his left arm and abdomen?  Isn't that one of the top indications of a potential heart attack?  Should that not warrant an immediate trip to the emergency room for Mr. Rivera? 

They force a man to wait over an hour -- what do you think it would have been like for Mr. Rivera under  government-run healthcare?

This really is just a story about the bane of human existence.

My thoughts and prayers go out to the Rivera family. 

May God Bless You.

(Picture Source: Philly.com)

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