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The Barack Obama Presidency: An Epitome of Black-on-Black Crime

My Fellow Americans,

Tonight, I would like to bring you a guest post from a close personal friend of mine.  She is an inner city school teacher who really cares about and loves her job.  She asked me to share the following letter with you.  Please let me know your thoughts.

- The Refounding Father

Special Guest Post: An Open Letter to President Obama

Hello All,

I would like to take a moment and introduce myself and then explain why I am posting. I am a teacher in the Philadelphia inner city school system. I love my job and my students. Yet, I come home most days angry and frustrated at the war that I am fighting and not winning.

Most of my students come from the projects and exist solely on welfare. They see terrible violence on a daily basis and do not understand why anyone should aspire to hold a permanent job. The people that work in their lives come home stressed, live on very little, and have to struggle for years before they see any awards. Yet their mothers get to lay on the couch, watch TV, and stay out all night partying. Can’t image which one I would chose.

These children don’t know what living in a clean home feels like, they don’t know what having a Christmas tree in the living room with presents under it looks like, and they don’t know what it feels like to earn something and be proud of an accomplishment. They are abused in so many ways. The worst of it all is that they don’t know what they don’t have.

When President Obama ran for office, he made promises to the ghettos. He visited them often, telling them how they are going to take back America. I admit: I was always against what he wanted to do with America. Yet, I listened as many teachers tried in vain to convince me that he would help these children and make their lives better.

Tonight, I listened as Glenn Beck spoke to Harry Alford, the CEO of the National Black Chamber of Commerce (pictured left). Alford stated he was proud to be a black man. He was proud of what his grandparents and parents overcame and he was right to be. They struggled, they fought, and they worked. And because of them, he can stand tall and be proud of who he is.

I realized then why I was so angry. My students have a similar history -- they should be proud. My students have lived to see the first African American president -- they should be proud. My students have amazing examples of strong African American leaders in every aspect of American life -- they should be proud. They aren’t though. I understand that all the teachers thought and hoped that Obama would provide that pride -- but he has failed.

I want to be clear: there is a class system in America. We have our Bush’s, our Kennedy’s, and our Vanderbelt’s. In that group we also can include Congress (face it you can’t be poor and get elected).

Then, there’s the middle class (which includes most working people from our top lawyers to our blue collar workers).

Finally, we have our poor. They live in our ghettos and our burned out shells. They live off of welfare and neglect to use the education system. The people that voted for Obama thought they were voting for the old American dream. They thought he would end the class system. They thought he would pull up the poor and middle class and give everyone the opportunity to be part of that elite system.

Obama is failing them and they still don’t see it. He speaks about quality education from the confines of his office, but he hasn’t once stepped into a Philly school since becoming President.

He certainly hasn’t missed a trip to any other country. He has apologized to the world for America, but he hasn’t come into the ghettos with a job. He protects the unions, which we learned are racist. He talks and threatens to force healthy eating on all of us, but he isn’t putting in vegetable gardens in the ghettos -- just his own backyard. While my children eat chips for breakfast and lunch, his are eating fresh fruit and veggies.

For all the liberals out there, I know you’re going to ask me where was I during Bush’s Presidency. All I have to say is: on Jan. 8, 2009 Bush stood in a Philly school (pictured right). Not one school is in a particularly great area. He got to observe the success of No Child Left Behind.

Yes, the former president messed up in a lot of ways, but at least he fought for the American Child. This president is concerned about every other nation’s children and has continued to ignore the very group that voted for and believed in his “hope campaign.”

I ask you, Mr. Obama, when will you stop fighting for the elite? When will you take care of your own friends and family? When will you start helping the people that actually got you in the White House?

Beyond that, Mr. Obama, when will you stop catering to the world and start fixing the problems here at home?

My students are failing. They don’t see a purpose to education. They don’t know what to place their hopes and dreams in. They have no pride in being either African American -- or for that matter just plain American.

I ask you, today, stop paying off your buddies and be a real man and fix the problems for the poor.

Let’s start with using the money you are spending on our prisons and give incentives to people to get off welfare, get good grades, graduate high school, go after the college degrees, and raise their children.

Give incentives to the workers – lower their tax burden!

Who knows, maybe if the parents start caring about their child’s school grades, hold a job, and live in a real home, they will start to want more than a pair of stolen Ugg boots.

Mr. Obama, stop trying to appear like a President and start being one for once!


A Devoted Educator

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