Friday, December 11, 2009

Need A Scape Goat? Blame A Billionaire (Or Two)

My Fellow Americans,

The attack on America’s rich is nothing new. And if you aren’t a liberal millionaire or billionaire, well then you are a prime target for ridicule if you oppose the left’s views.

Once again, it’s the Center for American Progress (CAP) and John Podesta (photo: Wikipedia) at the center of all this (if you watch Glenn Beck’s show on the Fox News Channel, CAP and Podesta come up often). In a new report published by CAP titled “The Billionaires Behind the Hate,” brothers David and Charles Koch of Koch Industries (photo on right: Google) are blamed for “obstructing and killing progressive reform."

Byron York, Chief Political Correspondent at The Washington Examiner and author of the book The Vast Left Wing Conspiracy, provided details about CAP’s report in his Dec. 10 article. The report accuses the Koch brothers of having a “long history of stopping progress,” citing the following reasons:

1. Opposing the stimulus and financing ads that call the recovery “pork spending.”

2. Working in conjunction with the group Americans for Prosperity, they helped organize some of the first Tea Party protests.

3. Helping to stop cap-and-trade legislation (they say the Koch brothers help fund a campaign against global warming -- the Climate-gate e-mail scandal).

4. The Kochs oppose the Democratic national healthcare plan. The report claims they “hijacked the health reform debate” at various town hall meetings.

5. And finally, the report says the Kochs oppose the progressive agenda because their businesses are big polluters and they have “a long family tradition of funding conservative movements to shift the country to the far right.”

York also notes that “the Podesta group’s attack on the Kochs is striking because the Center for American Progress is itself the product of politically-active billionaires.”

Who are these billionaires you ask?

As York says, CAP “never would have come into existence” if it weren’t for California-based Herbert and Marion Sandler. The Sandlers claim to fame is the fact that their company, Golden West Financial Corporation, “made billions engaging in some of the most irresponsible subprime lending of the first years of this decade.”

The Sandlers, who are close friends with our favorite House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, talked Podesta into taking the job at CAP (fun fact: Podesta was a law professor at Georgetown).

From there, York’s article only gets better. Our other billionaire? Who else, but George Soros? (photo: Wikipedia). In 2003, Soros spent “$30 million of his own money in a quest to unseat President George W. Bush” and “pledged to give the Center $1 million a year for three years.” Soros’ generous donation helped to get CAP off the ground.

America, if you aren’t outraged yet by all of this, you should be. I always enjoy seeing liberals using the “double standard” approach.

It’s OK for the Sandlers and Soroses of the world to use their money for liberal agendas. But, God forbid anybody use money for “right-wing nutjobs” and their belief in that pesky little document that founded this country – the Constitution.

It’s time, America. It’s time to stand up.

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